I’m A Survivor!!!!

My Story With AT3 Deficiency


Christmas Day 2012 – just barely three weeks ago…I cheated death by surviving the coroner’s ‘bread and butter’. I threw a saddle clot which stopped my heart for an unknown amount of time…but merely seconds on a clock. This disease/disorder/deficiency will eventually kill me unless human accident gets me first. I’m trying to find others to gather with me in searching for additional answers to many unknown questions and alternative preventative treatments. If not a cure in my lifetime, than a cure for my son and his unborn children….Please help me in the fight against this silent killer. This is my original story: I am 2nd generation ATIII Congenital having my first DVT/VTE at age 19 which wasn’t diagnosed immediately as I was pregnant at the time. It wasn’t until after the delivery of my son and only after the insistent urging of my mother, that the possibility of my having this at that age was grudgingly given in too and after a very painful venogram, was finally diagnosed and was not just venous, but arterial. Why was my mother so insistent as to what it was? It was because she had been living with recurring DVT/VTE’s for over half her life with her first being diagnosed directly after having given birth to me. My mother was the first generation, having skipped a generation through my grandfather. My sister is also an active ATIII Congenital. As of two weeks ago, I thought the only worry or concern I would have would be that any future granddaughters of mine would would someday become active through my son, as in the years that I have been researching ATIII the most common and recurring thread is that, in most cases, males are carriers not actively diagnosed. That has all now changed as of June 6, 2011 when my 22 year-old son was rushed to the emergency room for the third time in just as many days. He, once again, had a CT scan done of his head which revealed something perplexing to the physicians. The doctors were stumped until I arrived at the hospital where he had been taken and told them about our family genetic disorder. The final diagnosis was cerebral sinus venous thrombosis and accompanying brain bleed concurrent with stroke and ┬áseizures secondary to ATIII Congenital. He too has now been tested and diagnosed with ATIII Congenital. Here are some of the Information and Resource Links I’ve used over the last 13 years that I have researched this disorder: Angi’s Musing Mind http://angismusingmind.blogspot.com/


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Living ~ Not Just Surviving

Living ~ Not Just Surviving


2012 Retrospective Through Instagram Eyes

Since joining that little known social media organization Instagram in April of this past year, I’ve come to look at my little corner of this Big Blue Marble a bit differently. Although most would agree my view has always been slightly off kilter, I now have an excuse. I’m looking at it all through my cell phone camera.
Throughout this experience I have not only gained a renewed love of photography, but also obtained expertise advise from numerous mentors with the topics ranging from camera angles to photo editing apps (of which I am an acknowledged junkie). What I didn’t expect to find though was the friendships I gained. We are from all walks of life from all over the globe, yet if we met in person tomorrow it would be filled with laughter, good food, and conversation without any of the awkwardness of a first meeting.
Here are some of the highlights from my Instagram gallery throughout the months. As you will see, over time the photographer becomes more experienced having been taught well and the subject matter varies from gardens to vacations to just plain foolishness.
I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Happy New Year!!

May 2012
June 2012 ~ Part I

June 2012 ~ Part II
Father’s Day – June 2012
Walt Disney World – July 2012
Landscapes – July 2012